About Dreaming Tree Medicine

Empower Your Healing Journey

I am here to be the coach of your imagination; to see the best possible version of yourself. I will not feel sorry for you or sympathize with your story. I will not validate or give nourishment to the stuck, unhappy, and unhealthy version of yourself. I will not validate the vision of yourself as a victim.

I am here to empower you to be liberated from that victim belief. I will have an ocean of compassion and empathy for you. I will imagine – and I will you help you to see – the healthy and vibrant version of yourself that you desire. Whatever your story or background, whether severe chronic illness or mild mental disharmony, my work is not to fix you but to help re-inspire your vitality.


My Healing Approach

I focus my attention on energy and how it either moves or gets blocked in the physical, mental and emotional realms, and how this stuck-ness manifests as disharmony and disease. My healing approach is holistic, energetic, scientific, altruistic, eccentric and imaginative.

I am not bound by a single therapeutic modality but rather use various medical approaches to meet the individual needs of each and every patient. I utilize a non-judgmental, harm-reduction philosophy: My goal is to find the best option for my patient, in that moment, that will help decrease the harm and suffering they are experiencing and enhance overall health and wellness.