Aaron Hubbs, ND, LAc

Dr. Aaron Hubbs is a holistic practitioner specializing in the art of health and harmony. Trained as a naturopathic and Chinese medicine physician, Dr. Hubbs brings his passion, diverse knowledge and visionary healing approach together to help his patients achieve optimal health and wellness.

Dr. Hubbs focuses his practice on family medicine and finds great joy providing healthcare to entire families. Having a family of his own, he understands that illness, and more importantly health, is often a family affair. Through education, thoughtful and effective therapies, and mutual trust and commitment, a partnership is formed. This doctor-patient relationship is the foundation on which deep and long-lasting healing can occur.

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Dr. Hubbs’ first love for science and nature began as a curious young boy growing up in suburban green spaces of Oklahoma. Spending his childhood summer days riding bikes, listening to the cicada songs, and catching tadpoles and watching them turn into frogs, he formed a deep connection to the natural world around him. Observing things in his own body like how cuts and scabs would heal on their own, and how his body would spike high fevers when ill and then return to normal when healthy intrigued him. It was also during these formidable years that a deep connection to the spiritual world was ignited thereby adding much more to the already existing ideas swirling in his mind of how science and nature were weaving a story of the world around him.

Continuing on the convoluted journey of life, the next 15 years were spent being the humble student, through college, graduate school and medical school, studying and sacrificing, learning and laying down the foundation that would one day become his craft. In retrospect, becoming an expert of the mind, body and spirit was what Dr. Hubbs set in motion at a very young age as a curiosity and after all these years, he is still humbly steadfast on that path. In the end, Dr. Hubbs takes all the wisdom gleaned from his life, all the years of education and training, all the energetic and rhythmical vibrations resonating in and around him, and combines them all together to create a complete practice in holistic medicine that heals and harmonizes the mind, body and spirit.

What brings Dr. Hubbs joy is spending time with his family and friends, cycling, playing music, hiking, camping, and gardening. To schedule an appointment, a speaking engagement or to ask Dr. Hubbs a question please click here.

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