What To Expect at Your Initial Visit:



»   60 Minute Visit
»   Thorough Intake
»   Physical Exam
»   Tongue & Pulse Diagnosis
»   Nutritional Assessment
»   Overall Health Assessment/Diagnosis
»   Acupuncture Treatment (Optional)
»   Holistic Treatment Plan

The initial visit really sets the tone and focus for the overall therapeutic approach and the direction of healing. I gather as much information during the initial visit as possible to allow the patient an opportunity to fully express their health concerns and to provide me with enough details about the individual to know with upmost clarity how to guide them to healing. This is an interactive and dynamic process where we are both participants. It seems everyone is looking for that special doctor to work with and commit to long-term health changes and it is often during the initial visit where that is decided by the patient. I accept the challenge and look forward to meeting you and inspiring you to create a healthier you!

Intake Forms

Download the Intake Forms for Your Visit

Payment / Cancellations

I am currently not contracted with any insurance providers nor do I accept insurance at my clinic. I ask for full payment at the time of service. I accept all major credit cards, personal checks and cash.

Membership plans are also available which include more regularly scheduled appointments, payment plan options and modified rates for payment in full. These membership plans are aimed at helping patients budget for their health care more effectively, deepen their commitment to long-term care and achieve more optimal health.

Please ask about Memberships for more details.

All cancellations require at least 24 hours notice or a $100 missed appointment charge may be applied.

Download the Intake Forms for Your Visit