acupuncturestockI focus my attention on energy and how it either moves or gets blocked in the physical, mental and emotional realms, and how this stuck-ness manifests as disharmony and disease. My healing approach is holistic, energetic, scientific, altruistic, eccentric and imaginative.

I utilize a non-judgmental, harm-reduction philosophy: My goal is to find the best option for my patient, in that moment, that will help decrease the harm and suffering they are experiencing and enhance overall health and wellness.

Services Include:

Naturopathic Medicine

Addressing the body from a holistic perspective, we focus on food as medicine, combined with lab tests & diagnostics. The healing power of nature addresses the body from a holistic perspective, including physical medicine, herbs and structural alignment. I use a non-judgmental and harm reductionist approach to Naturopathic Medicine, that is both empathic and patient-centered.

Food as Medicine

Nutritional Counseling, Food Allergy Testing, Diet/Weight loss, Eating Like Meditation, Growing a Garden

Identify the Cause

Observation, Lab Tests, Diagnostic Imaging, Tongue/Pulse Diagnosis, Referral Networks

Healing Power of Nature

Herbs, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, Food, Breath-work, Movement and Exercise, Detox and Cleanse

Treat the Whole Person

Physical Medicine and Structural Alignment, Counseling, Mental Imagery, Mentorship and Soul Coach.

First – Do No Harm

Non-Judgmental, Harm Reduction, Empathy, Patient-Centered


Education, Wellness Model, Lifestyle Modifications, Supplements, Self-Care, Resources

Classical Chinese Medicine

Observing nature, the seasons, all the natural rhythms and vibrations of the earth and cosmos and how all these forces interact and influence the human body and either cause health or disease is the essence of Classical Chinese medicine.

“Classical” Chinese medicine is a system of medicine rooted in the ancient texts and transmissions of Daoism and Chinese medicine know as the Classics. The Neijng, Shang Han Lun, Jingui Yaolue, IChing and Dao De Jing are a few examples of these Classical texts. Within this medical system are the cosmological concepts of Yin/Yang, the Five Elemental Phases and Qi cultivation. Just like a stool needs three legs for balance to sit on it, CCM uses acupuncture, Chinese herbs and therapeutic Qigong to create a treatment with a strong foundation that is synergistically more powerful by its interactions than if it were prescribed by itself.

Some other therapies I use in conjunction with acupuncture, herbs and Qigong are: cupping, tuina, guasha, moxa, Shiatsu massage and electrical stimulation.

Mental Health / Counseling

It has been said, that at the core of our human needs, is the need to feel appreciated and the need to speak our truth or tell our story. It is my goal to make each person I work with not only feel appreciated, but to deeply appreciate the joy and beauty in their life’s story (especially the shadows or darker sides) and to find meaning and purpose from their life.

Although I appreciate the role of “talk therapy” and understand its need in a person’s healing, this is not the main focus of my counseling sessions. What I offer is transformational soul work. In fact, you are not required to tell me any of the drama or trauma that resides within your story. That said, I have an open heart and open ears for anything and everything you wish to share with me. I am however, more interested in the symbolism or energy surrounding it and how you have learned to live your life as a result of these experiences. I do not agree with the notion that you or any part of you are “broken” but merely “out of tune” and therefore it is more about becoming re-attuned and harmonized with yourself rather than me trying to “fix” you. If nothing is broken there is nothing to fix!

I do not focus on labels or symptom-based diagnosis but rather focus on energy and whether it flows or is stuck. It seems often this stuck-ness of energy originates in the mental/emotional realms and then refers to the physical body. By using methods and techniques to help transform, move and harmonize energy, I am able to help a person find the “attunement” they need in order to achieve optimal mental and emotional health and well-being.

Sports Medicine

Being an avid athlete and ultimately appreciating what the human body is capable of at high-level sports and fitness, I am committed to all things Sports Medicine; training, nutrition, supplementation, injury prevention and recovery, muscle strengthening, weight loss/gain, enhance performance, inspiration and motivation tools. Whether you are just getting started and need motivation to get off the couch, recovering from a sports injury or you are an elite athlete training for a race, I have the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you reach all your goals and likely far exceed them.

A few modalities I use to holistically address
sports medicine issues are:

»   Acupuncture/Acupressure
»   Body Work and Massage
»   Cupping, Tuina, Guasha, Moxibustion
»   Spinal/Structural Alignment and Manipulation
»   Prolotherapy and Therapeutic Injections
»   Trigger Point Therapy
»   Guided Imagery and Hypnosis

Detox / Fasting

One thing it seems we can almost all agree on is that we live in a toxic world. Unfortunately, some of the most amazing technologies and most popular gadgets contain some of the most toxic chemicals, heavy metals and poisonous byproducts imaginable. This is easily seen in our daily lives through environmental toxins in our non-organic food, polluted air and contaminated water. Our homes are laced with lead paint, radon, off-gassing carpet and asbestos, just to name a few.

Over time, all these toxins find their way into our bodies and create a highly toxic internal landscape that can lead to poor health and chronic disease. Often it is thought that weight loss is great way to improve health and lessen the burden of toxins. This couldn’t be further from the truth. For example, if an overweight “toxic” person loses 50 pounds but does nothing to release or rid the toxic load from the body, they are actually becoming more and more toxic with every pound lost because the concentration of toxins is increasing as the body weight decreases.

The good news is that there is an easy and very effective method for eliminating the unwanted and harmful toxins from the body; it is the concept of Detoxification and Fasting. By modifying one’s diet and eating habits, eventually and gradually eliminating all foods and offering the body a much needed break through fasting, the body naturally begins a detoxification process throughout the body. To support this process and add to the overall detox effect, many therapies and techniques are utilized to open these routes of elimination or  emunctories. The emunctories of the body include the skin, lungs, liver, colon and kidneys.

Please ask about a personalized
Detox / Cleanse Program for you!


We have become a culture of  “self-help” books, smartphone apps and virtual relationships via the Internet and thus have almost forgotten the lineage of true Mentorship. Mentorship is about connection. It is about the transference of knowledge from one person to another on a deep and personal level. It is not merely about answering questions and giving advice but more about forming meaningful relationships in which growth and learning occur.

Besides a few commercially organized groups, most mentorship happens within the constructs of a family. While the mentorship that happens between children and parents or between siblings is very important, the guidance, support and growth that happens through mentorship outside of the family dynamics is a wonderful and essential addition to anyone’s life, regardless of age, experience or social status.

Dr. Hubbs enjoys holding space and mediating several ongoing mentorship programs such as an adult men’s group, a boys group (age 9-13) called Peace Warriors and a summer mentorship camp for young boys (age 4-8).  Please check back soon for all the upcoming events in 2014 and you may also contact Dr. Hubbs to inquire what mentorship programs are currently being scheduled.

Peace Warriors

Inspire Boys: Build a Better Future

Imagine if there was a place for your son to go and learn what it means to be a boy. I mean really learn what it means to a boy; through connecting to other boys, to nature, to a mentor and ultimately to himself,  Peace Warriors offers that place. Our mission is to contribute the restoration of balance in the soul of humanity. We do this by connecting to the hearts and minds of young boys and inspiring them to trust in themselves and let their own heart light shine to navigate them in this world.

“Whereas childhood is mostly about growth, youth is more about radical change. Before youth can become old enough to be responsible, they must become ancient enough to awaken to who they are at heart.”
Michael Meade

Please visit our website for more information:

Dr. Hubbs enjoys holding space and mediating several ongoing mentorship programs such as a boys group (age 9-13) called Peace Warriors, a men’s group called, Taming the Tiger and one-on-one direct mentorship for individuals of any age. Please check back soon for all the upcoming events in 2015 and you may also contact Dr. Hubbs to inquire what mentorship programs are currently being scheduled.

Taming the Tiger

Embracing the Sacred Masculine

There comes a time in every man’s life where he looks at himself in the proverbial mirror and realizes he needs to ask for directions. The kind of directions that not even the GPS on his fancy car can help him find. When we men were young boys it would have been nice to have an entire modern day tribe of men to guide and mentor us as we were growing up into men. Unfortunately, most of us never received that guidance and now we are all grown men and may be feeling lost.

Taming the Tiger is for men seeking to experience a visionary approach to reconnecting to the Sacred Masculine. This is especially for the men asking, “what is the Sacred Masculine”? In essence it is a man that is more loving, less angry, less frustrated, less stressed-out and ultimately more in control of all emotions. . It’s about being more content with what is and less critical of what isn’t. It’s about finding more compassion and gratitude in life and healing all the past hurt.

Topics to be covered include:
  • Relationships
  • Sex
  • Money
  • Health
  • Parenting
  • Addictions
  • Anger/Aggression
  • Failure
  • Thoughts vs Emotions
  • Imagination
  • etc.

Taming the Tiger is set up as an experiential and interactive group where 9-10 men come together once a week for 2 hours for 5 consecutive weeks. I will not be lecturing, but it rather will be set up as a collective experience that we all play a role in creating. Also, this isn’t a therapy session yet will indeed be very therapeutic in nature.

Please contact me for more details or if you are interested in signing up for the next Taming the Tiger Men’s Series which starts October 2017.