Classical Chinese Medicine

Observing nature, the seasons, all the natural rhythms and vibrations of the earth and cosmos and how all these forces interact and influence the human body and either cause health or disease is the essence of Classical Chinese medicine.

“Classical” Chinese medicine is a system of medicine rooted in the ancient texts and transmissions of Daoism and Chinese medicine know as the Classics. The Neijng, Shang Han Lun, Jingui Yaolue, IChing and Dao De Jing are a few examples of these Classical texts. Within this medical system are the cosmological concepts of Yin/Yang, the Five Elemental Phases and Qi cultivation. Just like a stool needs three legs for balance to sit on it, CCM uses acupuncture, Chinese herbs and therapeutic Qigong to create a treatment with a strong foundation that is synergistically more powerful by its interactions than if it were prescribed by itself.

Some other therapies I use in conjunction with acupuncture, herbs and Qigong are: cupping, tuina, guasha, moxa, Shiatsu massage and electrical stimulation.