Mental Health / Counseling

It has been said, that at the core of our human needs, is the need to feel appreciated and the need to speak our truth or tell our story. It is my goal to make each person I work with not only feel appreciated, but to deeply appreciate the joy and beauty in their life’s story (especially the shadows or darker sides) and to find meaning and purpose from their life.

Although I appreciate the role of “talk therapy” and understand its need in a person’s healing, this is not the main focus of my counseling sessions. What I offer is transformational soul work. In fact, you are not required to tell me any of the drama or trauma that resides within your story. That said, I have an open heart and open ears for anything and everything you wish to share with me. I am however, more interested in the symbolism or energy surrounding it and how you have learned to live your life as a result of these experiences. I do not agree with the notion that you or any part of you are “broken” but merely “out of tune” and therefore it is more about becoming re-attuned and harmonized with yourself rather than me trying to “fix” you. If nothing is broken there is nothing to fix!

I do not focus on labels or symptom-based diagnosis but rather focus on energy and whether it flows or is stuck. It seems often this stuck-ness of energy originates in the mental/emotional realms and then refers to the physical body. By using methods and techniques to help transform, move and harmonize energy, I am able to help a person find the “attunement” they need in order to achieve optimal mental and emotional health and well-being.